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my philosophy


  • I trust in soft and slow approaches to growth and healing

  • I sit with people, offering deep, genuine listening

  • I believe that being seen and heard is fundamental to being healthy in our lives and in our communities

  • I believe that we heal - and it is an innate capacity within each of us

  • I believe that the human species has evolved along side plants and the relationships we have with them run so very deep.

  • I believe that touch is sacred

  • I trust in our sense of smell and its pathway to knowing ourselves more deeply

  • I believe in the wisdom and memory of the body

  • I believe in walking gently on Earth





The sense of smell, olfaction, is a strong, oft overlooked sense that can offer a rich, deep and authentic path to exploring and re-connecting with our true selves.  With our unique autobiographical memory housed within, olfacation invites us to experience our world directly through the lymbic system, without analysis as do the other senses.

​people choose to work with me because:
  • I listen deeply and spaciously

  • I honor their unique path, experiences and knowing

  • I have relationships with and love for the plants I work along side

  • I provide thorough and nurturing bodywork

  • I am grounded and calm

  • I have two decades of experience working with essential oils


all are welcome

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